Meet Dr. Jeffrey Van Orman

Your search for a skilled Lake Oswego dentist ends here! When you sit in our dental chair, you can expect phenomenal dentistry from Dr. Jeffrey Van Orman, a sustaining member of the American Academy of General Dentistry. With close to twenty years of experience in the field, Dr. Van Orman has earned the trust of our patients due to his caring, cheerful personality, in addition to the excellent results he delivers in both cosmetic and general dentistry.

Although he started out in the field of economics pursuing a career in the freight industry many years ago, Dr. Van Orman soon realized he had a true passion for both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. After attending dental school he opened his practice in July of 1997.

“Our patients will be treated like gold from the very first phone call.”

— Dr. Van Orman

“I love providing good, lifelong care for patients to preserve their teeth and smile. There’s nothing better when you see immediate results–especially seeing someone smile who hasn’t smiled in a long time.”
– Dr. Van Orman

In addition to being passionate about high-quality cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Van Orman enjoys offering our patients effective sleep apnea/snoring treatment, taking multiple courses in continuing education in this area.

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